5 Reasons You Hate Your Job!

ID-100263797While most people count themselves as ‘somewhat satisfied’ in their positions, others downright hate it. A recent Quora thread asked users why they hate their job. Here are a few key answers: 

1 – You Don’t Like Your Boss
Let’s start with the most obvious factor for hating your job – your boss. Terrible bosses run the gamut from the infrequent (but still terrible) abusive boss, who is condescending and belittling; to a more passive boss, with a lack of direction or confidence to manage. In any case, a terrible boss can leave you feeling angry, frustrated and discouraged. Learn how to handle a terrible boss. 

2 – Your Commute is Too Long or Too Short 

Striking the right balance between a brief and time-consuming commute is important. Too short and you may not have enough time to decompress before your hectic workday begins. Too long, and your workday takes over your personal time.  

3 – You Work Too Much
Being on the clock 24/7 or working too frequently can quickly lead to job burnout, a common factor relating to job dissatisfaction. 

4 – You Don’t Feel In Control
Having little-to-no job autonomy can leave you feeling frustrated and like your position doesn’t matter. On the other hand, a position with responsibility and a small amount of authority can significantly help improve your job satisfaction. 

5 – You’re Not Living Up To Your Potential
Perhaps you settled into your job early in your career before you had a solid understanding of the breath of options available to you, or you fell into a position because the money was good at the time.  Whatever the case, if you’ve grown away from your position, you can often feel as though you’re not living up to your potential. 

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