How To Be Unavailable On The Weekends

What can you do when your new boss complains about his inability to reach you over the weekend? Be direct, maintain your boundaries, and let him know your personal time is valuable.

Forbes’ Liz Ryan believes that a boss who addresses concern over his inability to reach you has already shown you how valuable you are. She argues:

If we are honest about it, business is a game about who needs who more. Do you need your job more than your boss needs your services? If so, then you are in a low-power position which many managers will take advantage of.

If your boss needs your services more than you  need the job — because you know that you could get another job as good as or better than the one you’ve got, if you were pushed to do it — then you are in the power position.

In that case, you can politely tell Tony to cool his jets and wait until Monday to lay his ideas or requests on you unless they are truly urgent.

What should you do if you’re not in the power position? Continue to reinforce to your boss that you’re a valuable resource and trusted advisor. Once the issue comes up again, be firm and let them know that you’re not available on the weekends.

My Boss Asked Me ‘Why Can’t I Reach You After Hours?’ | Forbes Careers

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