This Week in IT Career Advice: Improve Your LinkedIn Headline

While we all know LinkedIn profile headlines are important — and that a boring headline can be just as deadly as a bad one — few of us actually know how to write a perfect headline that’ll make us stand-out among a sea of unremarkable candidates.

The answer, it seems, boils down to a few simple steps, according to Shelly DeMotte Kramer of LinkedIn’s Pulse Blog. Step one – discover your value proposition and present yourself as the solution to a company’s problem. She argues: “What do you want them to hire you to do? Your headline should state that, not some random job title that you were assigned by the company you work for.”  

Step two – use the right keywords! Much like a resume database, headhunters browse potential candidates on LinkedIn by querying keywords through a search engine and filtering through any results. DeMotte Kramer says,

“Determine what keywords are appropriate for the type of work you want to be hired to do. If you are a Vice President with a company and primarily focused on groundwater remediation, talk about that, not about being a Vice President or a regional office manager. Your customers don’t care about your job title, they care about what they need – so keywords that speak to that, like “groundwater remediation expert” go a long way.”

DeMotte Kramer also suggests adding a bit of personality to your profile, and testing out your heading in several ways to find the best option. Read more on LinkedIn.


4 Steps To Writing A Killer LinkedIn Headline [and closing more sales] | Pulse

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