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Preparation for IT InterviewsHiring is an emotional process for both the candidate and the interviewer.

Hiring is an emotional process for both the candidate and the interviewer. The hiring process is shrouded with a veneer of logic “to hire the best qualified person”, but in reality it is grounded with emotion. Your enthusiasm, confidence and energy will determine whether or not you get hired.

Twenty (20) years in the hiring business has taught me one important lesson; the most qualified person never gets hired. This is because personality “fit” and the candidate’s personal qualities are extremely important to the interviewers. Interviewers receive and interpret all the inputs coming from you. One of the many inputs evaluated by every interviewer is your emotional state. When you are feeling great you project a positive image of yourself and are more “likable” and “hire-able.”

Here are several suggestions to help you get emotionally prepared to be your best.

Motion creates Emotion
Get moving! Go for a walk, run, exercise, cycle, meditate, do Yoga or Tai Chi, stretch, dance, do something! Exercise gets your blood flowing to your brain and can improve your mood almost instantly.

Listen to Music
Sing your favorite song that gets you in a great state of mind. This works great while driving to the interview. You arrive in a fabulous mood.

Inspirational Phases
Repeat an inspirational phrase that is meaningful for you. Write it down, read it and say it out loud.

Use Your Imagination
Imagine yourself doing your favorite activity. Imagine every detail vividly and you will be amazed at how your body will feel. Our nervous system responds to our imagination as if the images in our mind are real.

Remember a time when you were absolutely at your best. Pick the mood; remember what you were doing in detail and voila, your body returns to that state of being. Remember a time when you felt absolutely at your best, or imagine how it will feel when your current job search is complete and you have landed this fabulous position making more money than you have ever made before.

Researching the company is only part of preparing. The most important part of interview preparation is getting yourself ready emotionally. Get ready to be hired, and you will be hired.

Best of luck on your next interview. It is the most important moment in your search for a better position.

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