4 Quick Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that Spring has sprung, its time to organize your social accounts!

1. Update Your Photo:
Putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn typically means having actual headshots taken to use as your profile image. A proper headshot conveys a level of professionalism while allowing your personality to shine through, which is why you should use the service of an experienced photographer. If a professional headshot just isn’t in your budget, then have a friend photograph you using a high-quality camera, against a white or plain-colored wall with plenty of light. Follow these tips to take your own headshots.

2. Update Your Job Description:

Has your role changed over the last year? Perhaps you’ve taken on more responsibility after a senior colleague left last quarter. Whatever the case, be sure update your job description to more accurately reflect your current position and any new skills or courses accumulated this year.

3. Use Keywords:

Recruiters often locate candidates through LinkedIn by way of keyword search – specifically terms found in your job description, Education profile and the Skills & Expertise listing. This is why it’s not only important to be descriptive with your job role, but to also use keywords likely sought by hiring managers. If you’re unsure as to which keywords a candidate in your industry and position should possess, comb through the qualifications section in any job postings that interest you.

4. Ask for Recommendations:

The thought of asking for a work recommendation makes most people cringe; luckily, LinkedIn has you covered with a handy feature that makes the process easy. Under your profile, locate the arrow beside the Edit button where you’ll find the extended settings, including the “Ask to be Recommended” feature. Clicking on this tab lets you select your connections (up to 200) with pre-populated text included to get you started, however a personalized message is always best. Be confident when asking for your recommendation. After all, if you were a competent worker, most people would be happy to endorse you. Don’t be so modest!

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