What HR Can’t Tell You

While your HR department can be a valuable resource, certain topics are off-limits. Here are a few topics HR won’t address with you, according to the Glassdoor Blog.


If You’re Underpaid

It’s not very surprising that revealing whether or not you’re underpaid is often not in your HR department’s best interest. Having said that, there are many resources online that can you a better sense of your worth.


If They’ve Followed Your Social Media

According to multiple reports, it is estimated that 40 to 90 percent of HR managers use Facebook and other social media networks to pre-screen candidates. Furthermore, companies will also monitor your social media behavior if your employment is on the rocks. Find this unappealing? Try changing your social media privacy settings.  


How Your Manager Feels About You

Your manager is likely having conversations about your performance with your HR department, and your HR department is under no obligation to tell you what is being said.


9 Things HR Won’t Tell You | Glassdoor

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