Why New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Work & What To Do Instead

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. Why? Cause we create them as a way to keep ourselves in-line, without much thought or planning as to why or how we’ll succeed. New Year’s resolutions often take the place of our nagging inner voices, telling us we need to be better. Forbes’ Liz Ryan suggests our inner voices are to blame for why our resolutions typically do not succeed:

“We already know that we could be in better shape, save more money and be more responsible in many other ways. We know it intellectually, but it’s not that easy to get through the day even without lofty resolutions to attend to!

Eventually we run out of steam, rebel against the preachy, critical-parent voice and give up on our resolutions when we realize that it doesn’t really matter whether or not we lose ten lbs., pay off our credit cards or fix our other problems.”

So how can we improve ourselves throughout a new year without setting ourselves up for failure? By getting a better handle of what we want, specifically and in the long-term. Ryan argues, “What new power source will show up to power your dreams forward in 2017? The best power source there is — your belief that you deserve the life and career you want. Forget the new year’s resolutions.

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