What To Do When Your Boss Finds Out You’re Looking

What happens when your fear of being found job-hunting comes true?

Jaclyn Westlake, a career advisor for The Muse, describes the most likely outcomes as ranging from a frank and honest conversation with your employer, to complete avoidance from the non-confrontational bosses of the world. Westlake says:

“Depending on your relationship with your boss, she might want to have an honest conversation about why you’re looking. Are you unhappy? Is there something that she can do to change your mind?

This could be a great opportunity to provide genuine feedback to your manager about your role. If you’re exploring new jobs because you don’t see any opportunities for growth at your current company, say so. If you’re hoping to find a better paying job elsewhere, let her know. If you’re just itching for a new challenge, that’s OK to say, too.”

Worst-case scenario, you could be terminated or your every move could be monitored. Westlake says, “Letting an employee go simply because he’s been exploring new opportunities certainly isn’t a best practice, and your company could be opening itself up to some serious legal issues, but that might not stop human resources from showing you the door”.

5 Things That Might Happen if Your Boss Finds Out You’re Job Searching | The Muse

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