What’s the Policy on Office Holiday Parties?

Are you dreading your office holiday party and already thinking of excuses to bow out? If your boss expects you to attend or you feel pressure to make an appearance, Ask A Manager’s Alison Green suggests you suck it up and get into the Holiday spirit. She says:

“…There are other companies where you’re really expected to attend and you’ll be penalized if you don’t. And even managers who claim the parties are optional often do care at some level if you don’t show up — so if you’re sensing any pressure, it’s usually wise to assume that you should treat this as a professional obligation like any other. (And this is a more reasonable expectation if you’re in a management role).

But if you’re dreading going, keep in mind that you don’t need to stay for the whole thing. You can show up, spend an hour there, maybe two, and then leave. And really, you can look at it like any other part of your job that you don’t love but which you do because it’s part of staying in good graces with your company — like attending a really boring all-staff meeting.”

If you decide you do want to skip out on the holiday cheer, realize there may be a cost in doing so. Are a couple of holiday-themed drinks and an ugly Christmas sweater worth jeopardizing your future?

Do You Have to Attend Your Office Holiday Party? | INC Magazine

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