Why Hiring Managers Don’t Care About Your Degree

You’ve got a Masters Degree from a great university, and not much else! How can you make hiring managers see the value in your degree? A reader asks Alison Green on Ask A Manager, “I know it sounds whiny, but why does no one care about my degree? ”  

Green wastes no time getting to the point, she says: “You’re still believing the hype that was fed to you even though you’ve seen that it’s wrong.” Tough, but true. She continues:

“So where does that leave you now? Well, now that you know that what you were told about grad school was wrong, it’s time to let go of that — annoying as I’m sure that is — and start understanding what hiring managers in your field are actually looking for and where your current qualifications place you. In fact, that’s what I’d do as a next step here: talk to hiring managers in your field! Let go of your feelings about what they should value and find out what they really do value.”

Having the courage to ask hiring managers what you may be missing is what could help your move past other candidates in the future.

How Do I Convince Hiring Managers of the Value of My Degree? | Ask A Manager

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